Are You Living by the Spirit or by the Flesh?

Children of the flesh are not children of GOD. All those who live by the flesh are not children of GOD. They look and see only what their senses (flesh) tell them.

Those who live by the senses are death even though they think they are living but they are death. If you are living by your senses, know that you’re not GOD’S Son or Daughter.

Live by the SPIRIT, the WORD of GOD is SPIRIT. So, live your daily life according to GOD’S WORD. Make GOD’S WORD the standard for your life. Let the WORD of GOD be your guide and your principle.

Let the WORD of GOD lead you always.

Thank You HOLY LORD JESUS, your WORD is my all.

Blessed be GOD ALMIGHTY forever and ever in JESUS’ NAME.

GOD loves you.



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