Clean Yourself With The Word Of GOD.

Sometimes, we get dirty by the things we see and hear which we allow into our hearts; by the things we watch through the television and social Medias, and also the movies which we watch.

But thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY our GLORIOUS FATHER for given us HIS WORD which cleanse us.

When we hear or listen to the WORD OF GOD with our hearts, we are cleansed by the WORD. The WORD cleanses us. For JESUS CHRIST our PRECIOUS LORD said, “You are already made clean by the WORD which I have spoken to you (John 15:3).” 

As we meditate on the WORD, we are purified and make clean. Praise GOD!!! For it is written, “Having purified your souls by your obedience to the Truth for a sincere love of the brethren…(1 Peter 1:22).”

Now you can see why it is very important to study and listen to the WORD OF GOD with all your heart, and to meditate on the WORD.

So my Dear Precious Beloved Brethren have great desire for the WORD OF GOD always.

Thank You PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT for teaching us all things and bringing to our remembrance all what JESUS our PRECIOUS LORD has said in JESUS’ NAME.



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HIS word is sufficient



Absolutely. Amen!!!


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