The Best Decision In Life

There is no time to waste to make the most important decision in
life. Do not wait anymore to make the decision to follow JESUS because
now is the time for you to make the decision to follow JESUS. This is
the best decision in life. Make the decision now because no one knows
the next seconds of his/her life. It may be too late to make that
decision to follow JESUS if you do not do it now.

So my dear do it now. Make up your mind to follow JESUS by accepting HIM as your personal savior.

I invite you to make JESUS CHRIST the LORD of your life if you haven’t done so by praying thus with all your heart:

“O LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY, I believe with all my heart in JESUS
CHRIST, Your SON. I believe HE died for me, HE died for my sins and YOU
raised HIM from the dead. I believe HE’S alive today and because of HIM,
I live. I confess with my mouth that JESUS is the LORD of my life from
this day. I receive Your gift of Eternal Life into my Spirit. Thank YOU
LORD for saving my soul. Thank YOU LORD for Thy Salvation in JESUS’

If you have done so with all your heart; Congratulation!

You have now made the Best Decision in your life.

Now, you are a Child of GOD and no one can curse or bewitch you. You
have the LOVE of GOD in You. So, live for HIM alone and celebrate HIM in
everyday of your life. Study HIS WORD and make it the standard for your
life. Make it your check system. Look for a Living Church and
fellowship with them. The HOLY SPIRIT will help you.



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