The way out for what is happening around the world. The only one who is responsible for all the evil that is happening around the world is the devil (satan) and he is a spirit being. He is the only one responsible for all the killing, stealing and destruction we see and experience around the world, and this include COVID19. He has only one mission on earth which is to kill, steal and destroy; and since he is a spirit being, he used our fellow brothers and sisters to carry out his mission on earth.

The devil who is evil is a spirit being, and things in the spirit-realm are different from the earth-realm. We can’t understand the things in the spirit-realm with human reasoning. We need Spiritual reasoning, and the Word of GOD (the Scriptures) gives us that Spiritual reasoning we need. GOD’S Word isn’t meant to appeal to our senses; is Spirit and Life and it’s meant for our spirits. So, don’t live according to the senses. Don’t response to situations according to the senses. If you do, you will fight the wrong battle.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood that is, our battle is not against our fellow brothers and sisters (human beings) but against the devil who is evil. And the devil is a spirit being, and guns and bombs cannot kill him or destroy him. No! No! These weapons cannot kill him or destroy him. So my dear, we should stop fighting the wrong battle. We should stop killing our fellow human beings.

My dear brothers and sisters in Africa, America (North and South), Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East; the way out for all the killing, Stealing and Destruction is this:“Stop legalizing evil (evil is anything contrary to the Word of GOD e.g. injustice, corruption, discrimination, lying, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, abortion, greediness, stealing, killing etc.); stop accepting evil to be right; and instead legalize LOVE and live in LOVE.”This is the way out. The devil who is responsible for all the killing stealing and destruction is afraid only of LOVE. He is not afraid of earthly weapons like guns and bombs but spiritual weapons and LOVE is a spiritual weapon which is so powerful. The devil cannot withstand LOVE and JESUS CHRIST is LOVE. He cannot withstand the TRUTH and the Word of GOD is the TRUTH.

JESUS said (LOVE is speaking), “I command you, to love one another (John 15:17)” One another include all human beings that is, it include those who hate you, those who are not the same faith with you, those who have hurt you, those who have offended you etc. Love them all.

Remember that LOVE speaks the Truth always and LOVE hates what is evil. So, you must hate evil and speak the Truth.

Finally, today when you hear HIS Voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion. JESUS CHRIST is the Way Out. Listen to HIM. Listen to HIS WORD. HE is LOVE.

Thank You LORD JESUS for Thy Word to the world. All Glory and Honor to GOD ALMIGHTY our HOLY FATHER in JESUS NAME.



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