Watch Your Words.

Words describe your personality. The Words which comes out of you reveal who you are.

No man ever gets better that his words.

Your words locate you.

You are not different from your words.

For it is written, “Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speak.”

So, if you want to know where someone is spiritually or who someone really is; you don’t need to look at their physical structure or situation or property or positions or their families.

You just need to listen to their words. Those who still live by the flesh always confessed what their situations tells them or what their situations looks like, and not what the WORD OF GOD says. They confessed their feelings and not what GOD’S WORD says. Situations around them, determine their direction and the words they speak.

My dear, watch your word. No man ever gets better than his word. Your word locates you.

For it is written “ And the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us, full of Grace and Truth… (John 1:14).” The WORD lives in you today. So, live the WORD. Confess the WORD. Act the WORD. Do the WORD. Describe yourself as the WORD has described you.

JESUS CHRIST who is the WORD OF GOD says, “… Learn from Me.”

I’m Glorious. You are Glorious.

I’m Beautiful. You are Beautiful.

I’m a Success. You are a Success.

I’m Supremely Blessed. You are Supremely Blessed.

I’m a Land of Joy. You are a Land of Joy.

I’m a Land of Love. You are a Land of Love.

I’m the Temple of the LIVING GOD. You are the Temple of the LIVING GOD.

I’m of GOD. You are of GOD.

My Life is a Life of Glory. Your Life is a Life of Glory.

I am an Overcomer. You are an Overcomer.

Glory to GOD our GLORIOUS FATHER who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Blessed be HIS HOLY NAME forever and ever in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!

JESUS loves you.



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