It’s Time to Know LOVE.

Do you know that JESUS CHRIST is LOVE? 

Do you know that HE loves you more than you can ever love yourself?

Do you know that HE is bigger than all your problems, persecutions and challenges?

Do you know that HE never compares you with someone else?

Do you know that you are unique to HIM?

Do you know that HE relates to you as though you are the only one that exists?

Do you know that HE’s never tired of you?

Do you know that HE came on earth because of you?

Glory to GOD ALMIGHTY. How can anyone know this and contemplate suicide? Just take time and think about the questions above.It doesn’t matter how much debt you owe, or the crises that seem to have overwhelmed you; if you’d only embrace the message of JESUS CHRIST and HIS Liquid Love, things will change. You may have so made a mess of your life, that now, all you see are your mistakes and their repercussions. But you see, you’re the reason JESUS came; you’re the reason HE was born, HE came to take responsibility for your wrongs, including your financial errors. If only you’d accept HIS Love! 

We’re talking about someone who is the CREATOR of the whole universe and the CREATOR of all things.HE is so powerful, and HE is power HIMSELF. HE is so loving, and HE is love HIMSELF. HE is so gracious, and HE is grace HIMSELF. No error or mistakes is ever too much for HIM to handle.HE is bigger than your troubles. If you’d only believe this; it’ll change everything for you. Dare to believe HIM, and accept that HE loves you more than you love yourself, and HE’ll beautify your life; HE’ll make you ride on the high places of the earth. Praise GOD! Thank You Precious LORD JESUS, You came for me. Thank You LORD for love me so much more than I can ever think of. 

I now invite you to make JESUS CHRIST the LORD of your life if you haven’t done so by praying thus with all your heart (spirit): “O LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY, I believe with all my heart in JESUS CHRIST, Your SON. I believe HE died for me, HE died for my sins and YOU raised HIM from the dead. I believe HE’S alive today and because of HIM, I live. I confess with my mouth that JESUS is the LORD of my life from this day. I receive Your gift of Eternal Life into my Spirit. Thank YOU LORD for saving my soul. Thank YOU LORD for Thy Salvation in JESUS’ NAME.”

If you have done so with all your heart; Congratulation! Now, you are a Child of GOD and no one can curse or bewitch you. You have the LOVE of GOD in You. So, live for HIM alone and celebrate HIM in everyday of your life. Study HIS WORD and make it the standard for your life. Make it your check system. Look for a Living Church and fellowship with them. The HOLY SPIRIT will help you. Thank You so much Precious HOLY SPIRIT for your Glorious WORD today and always in JESUS’ NAME. Amen!!! 
Thanks. This is our message to the world; that they may know of CHRIST’S LOVE for them. 

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